excuse the mess

#2 Laura Jurd

February 13, 2018

excuse the mess has returned, fuelled by funding from the art enablers, Arts Council England and PRS Foundation - big thank you’s go to them.

I’m very excited to bring you episode #2 featuring Laura Jurd, the jazz composer, trumpeter and improvisor; one of the most exciting voices on the British Jazz scene. Her band Dinosaur infiltrated a more mainstream audience last year when their debut album ‘Together, As One’ which was nominated for a Mercury Prize.

We talk about Dinosaur, their upcoming album Wonder Trail and the new approaches to it, particularly the use of the recording studio as a creative tool.

You’ll also learn about how her musical journey began.

As with any excuse the mess episode you’ll hear Laura and I co-composing a new piece together using only her trumpet as a sound source. You’ll follow the process starting from a blank page and arriving somewhere hopefully quite musical.

We had a great day making this episode and I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing from Laura and our composition together.

Thanks for checking out excuse the mess!