excuse the mess

#3 Emily Hall

February 28, 2018

Welcome all to episode #3 of excuse the mess. In this episode I take a trip to Stroud to meet Emily Hall, a really brilliant contemporary classical composer. We potter about the local countryside and discuss her music including her upcoming release, 'Life Cycle' (Bedroom Community) a song cycle about motherhood and how that album was part of a pivotal moment in her compositional approach. We discuss her background and previous album 'Folie à Deux' (Bedroom Community). We also discuss a very important topic, the equality imbalance for women working in music. This insightful article by Grace Banks acted as a perfect springboard for the subject.

***There is also a separate episode where we get in depth about this subject over lunch.

It's a very jam packed episode, we cover plenty of other topics and of course, like always, write a piece of music together in the same day. For that we used her totally unique Electromagnetic Harp - it's a very cool instrument; built in collaboration with her husband David Sheppard.
We also talk about helicopters with Dave, here's why.

Enjoy listening!


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