#5 Mark Lockheart

May 24, 2018

Mark Lockheart is up next on excuse the mess. A composer and saxophonist primarily working in jazz but always finding himself in very different worlds due to his adventurous tastes and versatility as a musician and collaborator.

He has been at the forefront of the British Jazz scene (somewhat of a legened!) via his work with some of the most pioneering musicians. Working alongside the likes of: Loose TubesJah Wobble, Kenny WheelerBilly Jenkins, June Tabor, Perfect Houseplants, Polar BearRadioheadMark Anthony Turnage.

In our podcast convo we talk about much of the above, the lessons learned whilst working in Polar Bear, previous works like his album Ellington In Anticipation where the lines between composer and arranger are well and truly blurred. Also, more current projects including his trio Malija (with Liam Noble and Jasper Høiby), You'll also learn how many records Mark has stashed at home. 

Later this year Mark will be releasing his next album, 'Brave World' [Edition Records], a full orchestral album featuring, of course, some incredible musicians (Seb Rochford and Tom Herbert for example). We start our chat with Brave World, delving a little deeper in to the concept behind it. 

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From this episode onwards I've decided to add links to all tracks heard in the episode (for your further listening enjoyment):
Polar Bear - Be Free
Polar Bear - WW
Mark Lockheart - My Caravan
Radiohead - National Anthem
Mark Lockheart - Surfacing
Mark Lockheart - Not In My Name
Malija - Hung Up
Malija - TV Shoes
Polar Bear - Peepers