excuse the mess

#6 Douglas Dare

June 11, 2018

This episode delves into the mind of a much loved singer songwriter, Douglas Dare. A key artist on the Erased Tapes label. If you’re a songwriter or interested in learning how one of these song driven creatures think then hit the play thingy, don’t waste any time because it’s a bit of an epic episode (but hopefully a good companion for your daily commute).


Douglas let’s us in on his composition process and explains a variety of themes and inspirations behind his past, present and future music. Including George Orwell’s 1984, Black Mirror, queer culture, storytelling through songs and using unfamiliar instruments for writing inspiration. We also talk about the great artists he shares a label with, the music he is currently working on, we attempt to discuss pop culture and some Netflix documentary favourites.


Around the 50 minute mark we move on to the second part of excuse the mess, where I write a new piece with the guest using their instrument, so in Douglas’ case, his extraordinary voice. We start with a blank slate and you’ll follow us as we create a track together bit-by-bit, hearing the finished thing at the end. It was really amazing to collaborate with Douglas, I learned loads from him and his approach to music making and I’m sure you will too!

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(Hosted by Ben Corrigan)

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Candy Darling On Her Death Bed (photo that inspired 'Darling')

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